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Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated When You’re Unemployed

Losing your job is painful. There are many days when you may feel discouraged because the job market is complicated and the competition for jobs is fierce. In order to get through a period of unemployment, it’s important to use whatever resources you can to stay motivated.

Try these tips to boost your motivation while you search for a new job:

Utilize the power of the internet. Save time and money! Many tasks that will help you get a job are activities you can do more efficiently online.

Research companies, fill out applications, and join online networking groups to streamline your job search.

Work on your job search each day. Spend five days of the week actively looking for a job. Pick the ones that will work best for you. In most cases, that would be Monday through Friday. Take the other two days off.

Use your unemployment funds wisely. Pay bills that are necessary but limit other things, like social outings, to a minimum.

If you need to borrow money from a friend or family member, do so.…

Rewards encourage consistency.

I treat others with the same kindness that I extend to myself. It is important for maintaining trust in relationships. I celebrate my achievements as well as those of others.

Although I sometimes set different standards for myself than for others, I extend rewards based on outlined expectations.

Knowing that there is a system of rewards encourages me to be consistent with my actions. This approach works with maintaining a lifestyle of wellness. Complying with daily fitness goals is easy because I acknowledge my own positive results.

I treat myself to a spa day when I hit a major milestone on my fitness journey. It is important to keep myself motivated for the long term.

The same approach works with my kids and their chores. Instead of requiring occasional conformance, I challenge them to make doing chores a part of their norm. I treat them to their favorite dessert after a week of good work.

When doing performance evaluations of my staff at work, I celebrate small things. When they see tha…

Positivity can change your life !

What makes positivity so important?A positive attitude is important for a great many reasons. Having a positive attitude helps you cope more easily with the responsibilities of everyday life and helps to relieve stress and strengthen personal relationships. A positive attitude will help you to avoid worrying unnecessarily and will enhance your physical and mental well-being.We have all had to deal with a ‘Negative Nelly‘ at one time or another throughout our lives. A Negative Nelly is that person who is always full of complaints and is never satisfied with anything that happens in their life. If you have ever been around a ‘Negative Nelly‘ for an extended period of time you know how draining this type of person can be an effect they can have on your own level of positivity. Negativity is exhausting, it takes a ton of effort and it doesn’t do one bit of good for anyone.Having a positive attitude is actually quite easy to achieve. It consists mainly of being aware of your thoughts, acti…

Your words and actions have more power than you could imagine.

Your words and actions have more power than you could imagine. Not only should you put them to use for yourself, but they have the power to positively affect other people as well.
If you’re having a rough day, trying giving love freely to others who support you and believe in you. Let them know how grateful for them you are. You’d be surprised at how that not only lights up their world but improves your day as well.
And this can be applied to all people. When you’re out and about, take time to be good to people. Give them good vibes and see how it affects their day. This compounding affect will help yours as well.
In short, it’s better to take your down time or off days and pump them up with gratitude and words of encouragement. Give to receive.I Am Lady B Bless.

The most successful people are bigger than themselves

The most successful people are bigger than themselves. They solve problems in industry, create impact in society, move mountains for the cause, mentor others on growth, take care of their community, family and friends and believe in more for others.
There’s no secret here. They say if you want to see massive success, help out a massive amount of people. Why do you think so many people say that you need to find your purpose? It’s because when you do things for the right reasons, and in a selfless manner, the world will be magnetized to you. The things you worry about not having will suddenly show up in your life because you’re more concerned with growth than you are in the material things. Be bigger than yourself and your world will become that much bigger.
I Am Lady B Bless

Why You Lose Motivation After Taking Action

It’s happened to you before. In the comfort of your home at night, you’ve laid out your plans for the rest of your life. You’re going to lose 50 lbs, start a successful online business, make millions, and finally find the partner of your dreams. Then the sun comes up, and all that certainty and motivation starts to waver.
You put your plan into action for a day or two and decide you’re miserable. You think that you’d rather stick with your mediocre life than pursue all of those goals.

What happened?

Motivation is challenging to maintain after the initial excitement wears off. Here’s why:

Planning is fun. You’re lying on the couch on a lazy evening and dreaming about the fantastic body you’re going to have or all the zeros you’ll be adding to your bank account. The path is as clear as the nose on your face. How can you not be motivated?
Everything is easy in your head. It’s not much fun eating your first bowl of plain oatmeal or working your first night at your second job. Anyone can daydre…

Your Beliefs Don't Make You a Better Person Your Behavior Does

Motivation: Just because a belief is a belief that is sufficient enough for you to feel strong about, doesn't mean that everyone around you will receive it. Think about all of the times that you have experienced in life in which some people just refused to hear or try to understand what a person was saying that made absolute logical sense because they were more than likely thinking irrationally.

In life, we must remember that our beliefs in life will always vary at least a small bit from any one person who has their own free will to think. In life, we must give focus to being ourselves and behaving as best as we possibly can. Do the things that you feel in your heart that are right to do, focus on treating everyone with kindness and patience, and never forget that you are no better than anyone else, but you are no less than any man either.


"Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate."

Motivation - "Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate." The reactions, responses and results you see will be very different when you promote what you love rather than bashing what you hate.

For example, if you love peace and hate war. Focus on promoting peace and you will attract other peace-lovers and together you will create a positive, peaceful movement that will lead to positivethings.

But if you focus on bashing war, then you will attract people who are focused on war (not peace) and fuel their negative energy, which will lead to negative things


The 15 Commandments of Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation can help you live better and accomplish more. Learn how to take more satisfaction in everything you do rather than depending solely on external motivators. These 15 commandments will help you to set your own course and live a fuller life.
Selecting Meaningful Activities

Identify flow experiences. You’ve probably heard about flow. Those are the occasions when you get so caught up in what you’re doing that you lose track of time. You enter a blissful state where everything seems effortless.Keep a feelings log. If you need help determining what conditions trigger flow for you, try starting a journal. You may find that gardening or number crunching gets you fully engaged. It may turn out that you’re a morning person or that you do your best work after dinner.Set specific goals. Learning and progressing are also essential to keeping an activity interesting. Give yourself measurable targets and timelines to aim for.Take on new challenges. Stretch your abilities by venturi…

Go From Uninspired to Motivated in 3 Easy Steps

Whether it's losing weight or trying to land a new dream job, being motivated can make all the difference between success and defeat. 
Preparation for success often requires hard work, though, and this isn't always easy. Sometimes, you might feel like the only way to reach your goal is with unlimited amounts of motivation. 
By now you're probably wondering, "Where can I find my motivation?"
Try these techniques to spur you on:
Find motivation from those around you. The world is filled with those who could have made it, yet didn't for any number of reasons. It is also filled with many successful people who are motivating themselves each day to reach higher and achieve more.The great news is that you can draw lots of motivation from both types of people. Those who haven’t achieved much can serve as a reminder of where you probably don't want to be and why you’re working so hard to reach success. People that are enjoying great amounts of success can give you a c…

Carpe Diem "pluck the day [as it is ripe]"

Carpe is the second-person singular present active imperative of carpō "pick or pluck" used by Ovid to mean "enjoy, seize, use, make use of". Diem is the accusative case of the noun dies "day". A more literal translation of "carpe diem" would thus be "pluck the day [as it is ripe]"— i.e., enjoy the moment. In western education the tag is now often rendered as "take advantage of the opportunities arising in the day.Follow -->I Am Lady B Bless

8 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Just Want to be Lazy.

There are going to be days you don’t feel like doing much of anything. The occasional lazy day is fine, but when they become a regular occurrence, something needs to change.

Successful people do a good job of motivating or inspiring themselves to take action each day.

Whether this is just luck of the draw or a learned skill for those lucky few is debatable. However, there is no debate that anyone can learn to be more productive.

Try these techniques to motivate yourself and increase the odds of success in your favor:
Be more willing to fail. Maybe you’re not being lazy. Maybe you’re procrastinating because you’re afraid of failing. A fear of failure will take the wind out of your sails and begin the process of rationalizing reasons for not doing anything at all. Embrace failure as a regular part of life.Remember that life is short. Life is short, but it’s long enough, as long as you don’t waste time. You can get a lot accomplished between now and the end of your life, but only if you res…

7 Inspiring Ways to Maintain Your Motivation

When it comes to getting things accomplished, motivation can be hard to come by. Yet, motivation is exactly what is needed. A small amount of motivation is required to do small, simple things, like brushing your teeth. Bigger tasks require more motivation to complete.
But how do you manufacture motivation when you have none?
Learn to motivate yourself and you’ll accomplish more:
Use pain. If you fail to complete a particular task, what damage will be done? It might just be the inconvenience of having even more to do the following day. Or it could be the prospect of someone dropping by and seeing how filthy your home is.
Come up with several good reasons why failing to take action would be painful to you.
Use pleasure. Saving $25 this week might not be too exciting, but the vacation you’ll be taking next year is pretty great. Remind yourself of all the benefits you’ll receive. Make a long list that will help to keep the fire burning inside to successfully deal with those unpleasant or borin…

Discover Your Passion: What Are Your Secret Talents?

What talents are hiding within you? 
Many people have grown up believing they didn’t have anything special or unique to add to the world. Perhaps they came from mediocre surroundings or had no encouragement for their gifts so they went unrecognized. Or maybe they repressed their talents because they felt ashamed. Whatever the reason, it’s all too easy to believe our talents and passions are not worth pursuing. Everyone Has Talent
A great many of us are wandering around with the belief that we aren’t all that interesting when it comes to our natural gifts. But we all have more talent than we think we do.
Very often we hear news stories about children with incredible abilities. Many of them are entertainers or child prodigies featured on daytime talk shows. While it’s incredible to see these talented young children, don’t forget about your own children’s talents, which might not be as obvious. They may not be as advanced as the kids on television but everyone’s talents are worth developing.

Momentum and Motivation: 6 Strategies That Give You an Edge

The old adage “slow and steady wins the race” is actually sometimes true. The tortoise in the story of the tortoise and the hare won the race not because he was the smartest, smallest, or even wittiest. Rather, he won the race due to his laser-focus on the end result: the goal line.

If you struggle to keep momentum and motivation during your own quest to achieve a goal, you’re not alone!

Even though plateaus, setbacks, and relapses are completely normal when it comes to life-changing goals, there are many things you can do to keep the fire inside during the journey.

Try these strategies to maintain your momentum and motivation:

Take action daily. This is the single best step you can take in order to further your momentum. Taking action ensures that you’re making progress, no matter how small. Even if you don’t know exactly what action you’ll be taking, just do something, anything, to further yourself.

For example, If you want to lose weight, it’s important to burn more calories than you…

4 Tips to Finally Find Your Passion

Are you tired enough of living your current life to make a serious change? It’s easy to be told to “follow your passion.” That’s great advice if you could figure out where your passions lie.

There are many ways to find your passion, but it’s not necessarily easy. We tend to shy away from the things that are most meaningful to us. It seems counterintuitive, but it’s a little scary to live with that much enthusiasm.

Having a lot means that you can potentially lose a lot. It’s natural to want to play it safe and keep your 9 to 5 and your three weeks of vacation. However, few of us grow up wanting to work in an office, pushing papers around.

If you’re stuck in a life that bores you, resistance won along the way.
Luckily, you can reinvent your life. You can dare to be bold and different. And you’ll most likely find life to be much more enjoyable!
Use these strategies to find your passion and multiply the excitement and meaning in your life:
Expect the process to be challenging. When you determin…

Not everyone will understand your journey

Not everyone will understand your journey…The only person that is truly aware of your emotions, your intentions, or your interpretation of experiences (which is all they can be), is you.

As much as others may — at most times — identify with you or your actions, it is impossible to go through life without occasionally being misunderstood. While you can control what you say or how you act, you cannot always control how others choose to interpret it.

And at times, it may seem that no matter how hard you try to explain yourself to others, they just don’t “get it”.

This should be expected.

Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s yours. It may help to remember that you don’t have to explain yourself or justify your actions to others unless you want to.

The need to explain one’s self is often prompted by fear and the desire to control the outcome of a conversation — for both validation and approval. Just because someone doesn…

How to Stay Motivated When Nothing is Happening

Motivation can be hard to come by when you’re not seeing the results you desire. The ability to intrinsically motivate yourself, or to persevere in spite of a lack of motivation is a valuable skill.
Motivation is frequently in short supply, so learning how to manage yourself through this situation is important if you want to succeed.
Doing nothing when you’re lacking motivation is a bad habit that can have significant negative consequences. There is a better way of navigating a lack of motivation.
Use these tips to persist even when you’re not seeing results: Practice patience. No one wants to be told to be patient. We’ve been hearing those words since before we could even understand them. However, it’s still good advice.Sometimes things take longer than we like or think they should. Sometimes the results show up suddenly after a long period of time. For example, you can whack a boulder with a hammer thousands of times, and it appears that nothing is happening. All of a sudden, the boulde…

I motivate myself.

The strongest incentives come from within. I think positive. I create empowering beliefs. I take responsibility for my decisions. My self-talk is kind and encouraging.
I learn from experience. I am comfortable taking sensible risks because I focus on what I have to gain. I can use any circumstances to teach myself how to enhance my performance.
I create a starting point. I break big projects down into manageable tasks. Each victory inspires me to keep moving forward.
I turn my work into a game. I enjoy household chores and office paperwork when I adopt a playful attitude.
I listen to music. A lively soundtrack helps me to work harder without feeling pressured.
I take a break. I give my mind and body the rest they need to stay strong and resilient. I go outdoors to connect with nature. I sip a cup of tea to clear my mind and recharge my energy levels.
I establish priorities. I focus my time and efforts on the projects that are meaningful to me. I scratch nonessential tasks off of my to-do li…