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Not everyone will understand your journey

Not everyone will understand your journey…The only person that is truly aware of your emotions, your intentions, or your interpretation of experiences (which is all they can be), is you.

As much as others may — at most times — identify with you or your actions, it is impossible to go through life without occasionally being misunderstood. While you can control what you say or how you act, you cannot always control how others choose to interpret it.

And at times, it may seem that no matter how hard you try to explain yourself to others, they just don’t “get it”.

This should be expected.

Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s yours. It may help to remember that you don’t have to explain yourself or justify your actions to others unless you want to.

The need to explain one’s self is often prompted by fear and the desire to control the outcome of a conversation — for both validation and approval. Just because someone doesn…

How to Stay Motivated When Nothing is Happening

Motivation can be hard to come by when you’re not seeing the results you desire. The ability to intrinsically motivate yourself, or to persevere in spite of a lack of motivation is a valuable skill.
Motivation is frequently in short supply, so learning how to manage yourself through this situation is important if you want to succeed.
Doing nothing when you’re lacking motivation is a bad habit that can have significant negative consequences. There is a better way of navigating a lack of motivation.
Use these tips to persist even when you’re not seeing results: Practice patience. No one wants to be told to be patient. We’ve been hearing those words since before we could even understand them. However, it’s still good advice.Sometimes things take longer than we like or think they should. Sometimes the results show up suddenly after a long period of time. For example, you can whack a boulder with a hammer thousands of times, and it appears that nothing is happening. All of a sudden, the boulde…

I motivate myself.

The strongest incentives come from within. I think positive. I create empowering beliefs. I take responsibility for my decisions. My self-talk is kind and encouraging.
I learn from experience. I am comfortable taking sensible risks because I focus on what I have to gain. I can use any circumstances to teach myself how to enhance my performance.
I create a starting point. I break big projects down into manageable tasks. Each victory inspires me to keep moving forward.
I turn my work into a game. I enjoy household chores and office paperwork when I adopt a playful attitude.
I listen to music. A lively soundtrack helps me to work harder without feeling pressured.
I take a break. I give my mind and body the rest they need to stay strong and resilient. I go outdoors to connect with nature. I sip a cup of tea to clear my mind and recharge my energy levels.
I establish priorities. I focus my time and efforts on the projects that are meaningful to me. I scratch nonessential tasks off of my to-do li…