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I motivate myself.

The strongest incentives come from within. I think positive. I create empowering beliefs. I take responsibility for my decisions. My self-talk is kind and encouraging.

I learn from experience. I am comfortable taking sensible risks because I focus on what I have to gain. I can use any circumstances to teach myself how to enhance my performance.

I create a starting point. I break big projects down into manageable tasks. Each victory inspires me to keep moving forward.

I turn my work into a game. I enjoy household chores and office paperwork when I adopt a playful attitude.

I listen to music. A lively soundtrack helps me to work harder without feeling pressured.

I take a break. I give my mind and body the rest they need to stay strong and resilient. I go outdoors to connect with nature. I sip a cup of tea to clear my mind and recharge my energy levels.

I establish priorities. I focus my time and efforts on the projects that are meaningful to me. I scratch nonessential tasks off of my to-do list.

I remember my purpose. I meditate on the reasons behind my actions. I engage at work because I want to help others and support my family. I eat nutritious foods because I want a long and active life.

Today, I pursue my goals with enthusiasm and determination. I am driven to succeed.

Self-Reflection Questions:
  • What is one challenge I want to tackle today?
  • Why is gratitude motivating?
  • How does believing in myself help me to overcome obstacles?



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