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Rewards encourage consistency.

I treat others with the same kindness that I extend to myself. It is important for maintaining trust in relationships. I celebrate my achievements as well as those of others.

Although I sometimes set different standards for myself than for others, I extend rewards based on outlined expectations.

Knowing that there is a system of rewards encourages me to be consistent with my actions. This approach works with maintaining a lifestyle of wellness. Complying with daily fitness goals is easy because I acknowledge my own positive results.

I treat myself to a spa day when I hit a major milestone on my fitness journey. It is important to keep myself motivated for the long term.

The same approach works with my kids and their chores. Instead of requiring occasional conformance, I challenge them to make doing chores a part of their norm. I treat them to their favorite dessert after a week of good work.

When doing performance evaluations of my staff at work, I celebrate small things. When they see that even small efforts are rewarded, I gain their commitment to bigger ones. Sometimes starting small produces lasting and meaningful results.

Today, I use a formula of rewards to encourage ongoing positive behavior. I am happy to highlight any person’s achievement when doing so encourages them to keep up the effort.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some of the rewards that I extend to my colleagues at work?
  2. How do I ensure that I continue to be a committed friend?
  3. What actions am I consistent with without receiving rewards?




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