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Do not give up on Love.

Love is the greatest feeling in the world. If you have not loved with all of your heart, you have not lived.   In spite of its beauty, I have also seen love wreck lives – some have been broken beyond repairs for a love gone wrong. Some have ceased to live, but merely exist because a love went wrong. Some have ended up in mental homes, because of a love gone wrong. Yet, others have denied themselves this great feeling because of a love gone wrong.   Friends, when you love someone with all your heart, enjoy it. Trust me, you are not the only person who benefits from such love. Even bystanders do too – for seeing a couple in love is one of the most beautiful sights to behold.   If you love someone with all of your heart, but they do not reciprocate this love, let them go. You will get over it with time. Have some dignity.   If you love someone, and they love you back, but cannot be truthful to you, let them go. Love and lies cannot co-exist peacefully without pain in their midst. I doub
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Motivation: “When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.”

  You know what that voice in your head says…You can’t do it. You’ll never be good enough. You’re going to fail. This voice taunts you whenever you set a goal. It criticizes you when life gets difficult. It beats you down when you struggle to stand up against its running commentary. You know you shouldn’t let self-doubt bother you, but it’s a sneaky critter. Sometimes, you just can’t contain it and it slips past your barriers. And self-doubt is greedy. When it’s loose, it devours your confidence, strips logic and reason from your mind, and steals happiness from your heart. In return, it leaves you with only fear and insecurity. You try to remove self-doubt by forcing yourself to “think positive,” which usually doesn’t work as well as you think it should. The more you fight your self-doubt, the more it fights back. However, with self-knowledge and understanding, you can use self-doubt for your benefit. Identify and ease your doubts. Learning how to recognize when your self-talk takes a

December 16, 2020 Women Wednesdays with Lady B Bless

Join I AM Lady B BLESS, Wednesday, December 16, 2020, for Women Wednesdays with Lady B BLESS, STREAMING LIVE 3pm EST (NewYorkTime) @ & Special Guest: Empress Rose - President of Intl Starz, a Professional Consultative 360 Creative Management Agency (CMA) servicing Art, Athletics, and Music. As a Humanitarian Ms. Green is a deeply committed multilingual internationalist whose passionate works emphasize her dedication to the community. Particularly committed to community development whilst deeply engaged in various international initiatives, she has exercised full leadership by initiating and forming creative projects to assist and uplift failing communities

7 signs you are taking Facebook too seriously.

  Here are 7 signs you are taking Facebook too seriously. 1. You find yourself stewing about updates, thinking they're about you. Chances are if someone's update reflects something going on in your life, it was just a coincidence -- especially if you don't know that person very well. I'm not saying that some people don't use their status to passive-aggressively comment on other people's lives. I'm just saying this is not always the case. Ask yourself why you are so convinced this update is about YOU, and whether or not you are being just a touch paranoid. 2. You cut off real world friendships because of Facebook posts. If you don't like someone's update or news or links, just defriend quietly or block them from your feed. No need to destroy real world relationships over Facebook. No need to send someone you may have an actual relationship with a long tirade because you didn't like something they posted (as actually happened to me re

December 9, 2020 - Women Wednesdays with Lady B Bless

Topic: Motivating The NEXT Generation Special Guest: Apostle Olia Alexander International Speaker - Author - Apostle - Executive Producer TV/Radio - Talk Show Host ( “TNG” THE NEXT GENERATION) (Entrepreneur: Atlas Global Trader) Her mission is to offer positive, healthy, safe, and exciting alternatives that will attract, educate and hold the attention of the next generation via “TNG” - THE NEXT GENERATION - NETWORKS Women Wednesdays with Lady B Bless. - Spotlighting Women in Leadership - A weekly look at some amazing women who are doing wonderful things in leadership roles, as mentors, role models, change-makers, community leaders, presidents, & CEOs, executive directors & boss ladies. These Women ARE Women that LEADS. If you would like to be a guest on Women Wednesdays with Lady B Bless, please inbox for the next available date - --

December 2, 2020 - Women Wednesdays with Lady B Bless

  December 2, 2020 - Women Wednesdays with Lady B Bless Special Guest: Crystal Attrice Jones - Dating Coach, Youtuber, Model, NYC Lady Crystal believes we should only accept dates with a phone call, not a message. You call and organize together. Never accept a last-minute date.  Men treat Women like they THINK deserve to be treated.  Never make a MAN your Priority if he's just making you an option

How to Make Yourself Accountable to Yourself

You might be accountable to your boss at work, but are you accountable to yourself? Do you regularly let yourself down or fail to live up to the standards you’ve set for yourself? You’re not alone. Most people struggle to behave in a way that is congruent with their values and goals. Most people make plans that they never follow or set goals they never come close to achieving. This is a frustrating and ineffective way to live. There’s no one to hold you accountable if you don’t do it yourself. Be accountable to yourself and anything is possible! Follow these tips to master the art of accountability : Keep a to-do list. If you don’t have a plan, you can’t hold yourself accountable to anything. Start each day with a detailed plan of what you want to accomplish. This list should consist of things that need to be done to maintain your life, as well as things that will bring you closer to achieving your goals. The first step to self-accountability is a to-do list that you take seriously. M

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