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16 Empowering Morning Rituals

What you do in the morning can set the tone for what happens until you go back to bed. Start your day with rituals that make you feel powerful and alive.

Mornings are a busy time for many families just getting everyone out of the door on time.

On the other hand, you and your kids may be spending your days at home. That can be just as stressful as commuting, especially if you’re concerned about your health and finances.

The specific habits you choose will depend on your values and goals. Start small and have fun experimenting. Consider these ideas for morning rituals designed to help you thrive.

Empowering Morning Rituals for Your Body:

Skip the snooze button
. Do you feel groggy even after 8 hours of sleep? The trouble could be your snooze button. It interrupts your body’s natural waking process. That can cause sleep inertia that lasts for hours.

Drink water. You may want to postpone your first cup of coffee. Plain water will rehydrate your organs and make you feel more alert. You can add a …

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Passion, Purpose, Goal and Action Plan Worksheet

Develop an action plan for one goal based on your personal mission statement of your purpose.


Mission Statement: I help middle school kids become well-adjusted adults by teaching the core values of self-discipline, respect for others, focus, practice, patience, endurance, mastery and self-care through karate to build leaders for future generations.

Goal: To build leadership skills in young people who are at risk of dropping out of school.

Plan of Action:

Step 1: (What) Write proposal for middle school diversion program by (how) outlining the benefits of karate and evidence to support decrease in school and family problems (when) by August 1.

Step 2: (What) Secure permission, time, and space by (how) meeting with principal to present proposal for karate classes in lieu of detention and suspension (when) before school starts in August.

Step 3: (What) Identify kids at risk by (how) talking to school staff at xyz middle school (when) by mid-term of each grading period.

Step 4: (What) Enr…

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With Special Guest Sonia Dolar Financial Advisor, Sonia believes the Financial Literacy is the beginning of every idea, knowing how to approach an idea, understanding how to make it your own, and seek or acquire the capital funding for your product, idea, song, or mortgage and a comfortable retirement. She teaches that every time you say I cannot do something you are the one creating the glass ceiling for yourself.

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