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How to Make Yourself Accountable to Yourself

You might be accountable to your boss at work, but are you accountable to yourself? Do you regularly let yourself down or fail to live up to the standards you’ve set for yourself? You’re not alone. Most people struggle to behave in a way that is congruent with their values and goals. Most people make plans that they never follow or set goals they never come close to achieving. This is a frustrating and ineffective way to live. There’s no one to hold you accountable if you don’t do it yourself. Be accountable to yourself and anything is possible! Follow these tips to master the art of accountability : Keep a to-do list. If you don’t have a plan, you can’t hold yourself accountable to anything. Start each day with a detailed plan of what you want to accomplish. This list should consist of things that need to be done to maintain your life, as well as things that will bring you closer to achieving your goals. The first step to self-accountability is a to-do list that you take seriously. M

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November 18, 2020 - Women Wednesdays with Lady B Bless

November 18, 2020 - Women Wednesdays with Lady B Bless Topic: Unveiling the Illusion: Know Who You Are Special Guest: Dr. Melida A. Harris Barrow - CEO of Love Truth and Peace, World Trade and Investment Foundation, & Harris Business Enterprise. Dr. Melida Harris Barrow is the universal peace ambassador for Panama, an author, motivational speaker, life coach, international bestseller, talk show host, philanthropist, CEO of love truth and peace, World Trade and investment foundation, and Harris Business Enterprise. Among her specialties are international economic investment & trade Development, Sustainable Economic Development through Entrepreneurship, and youth empowerment through entrepreneurship.

Gratitude simply means having an appreciation for the things that you have

As we approach Thanksgiving, it is especially important for us to reflect on those special things that we have been gifted. As entrepreneurs, we are often focused on the next move however, we need to remember to take the time out to smell the beautiful roses and be happy for what we have today. An attitude of gratitude is one that will help you appreciate where you are today, and remain steadfast in your journey of accomplishing bigger and better things. The term gratitude simply means having an appreciation for the things that you have. No matter where you are in your business growth, there is much to be appreciate about. The truth is, all of us entrepreneurs should be grateful. To have a business is a blessing, and we should express gratitude for this every day. The journey of being an entrepreneur is filled with unique learning experiences that we should feel gratified to have. With Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday, we should remain extra vigilant to express our gratitude. Here ar

November 11, 2020 - Women Wednesdays with Lady B Bless

Topic: African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Business Collaboration Opportunities Special  Guest: HRH Queen Magajiya Chigaba Ameenata Koita  Woman/Human Rights  Advocate. Pan Afrikan, Queen Mother  - Winner of The 2020 iWoman Global  Award for Business and Entrepreneurship HRH Queen  Ameenata Koita  is the Economic Development Queen Mother of the Fulani Nation in the  Ashanti Region of Ghana.  The Founder of Black Wall Street Arizona and  Diaspora Day Arizona (Pan African Festival), an international speaker,  human rights advocate as well as a Pan African who is dedicated to the unification of her people globally.

November 4, 2020 - Women Wednesdays with Lady B Bless

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14 Habits of Successful People Checklist

  Those who are successful share a set of habits that help make them the successes they are. Do you have these habits? Use this checklist to check off the ones you already have and practice the ones you wish to develop. Soon, you’ll find yourself building your own success! 1. Organize. One of the most common habits of successful people is that they are organized. This allows them to plan ahead and to set priorities and goals for themselves. Create a “To-do list” each night before bed, so that you know what tasks need to be completed the next day. 2. Relax. To prepare themselves mentally for the work yet to come, successful people tend to use meditation to relax before a task. You can achieve a similar state by making a conscious effort to concentrate on your own breathing for 3-5 minutes. 3. Take action. An important habit - and a natural progression from the planning stage (for those who are successful) - is to take action. Once you make a plan, you must put it into action. Otherwi

16 Empowering Morning Rituals

What you do in the morning can set the tone for what happens until you go back to bed. Start your day with rituals that make you feel powerful and alive. Mornings are a busy time for many families just getting everyone out of the door on time. On the other hand, you and your kids may be spending your days at home. That can be just as stressful as commuting, especially if you’re concerned about your health and finances. The specific habits you choose will depend on your values and goals. Start small and have fun experimenting. Consider these ideas for morning rituals designed to help you thrive. Empowering Morning Rituals for Your Body: Skip the snooze button . Do you feel groggy even after 8 hours of sleep? The trouble could be your snooze button. It interrupts your body’s natural waking process. That can cause sleep inertia that lasts for hours. Drink water . You may want to postpone your first cup of coffee. Plain water will rehydrate your organs and make you feel more alert. You can

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